The “Cause”

Our Quest – the Need:

We are the Heneveld Family. We began our quest with a desire to bless patients who suffer fromKelley Jordan Photography metallic taste. We have seen the frustration, pain, and suffering of those who are “suffer” from metallic taste. We know how this can lead to dehydration and either hospitalization for IV rehydration or, worse yet, major damage to the kidney and liver. We have also seen the suffering of loved ones who can do nothing as their loved one suffers. It’s not a pretty picture. Our goal was simple, bring metallic taste relief to patients.

The Feedback:

So, in 2009, we began the quest of bringing Aqua Delight to those who are suffering from metallic taste. It has been a battle. With unexpected and frustrating delay after delay, it took us two years to get the product to market. We officially launched Aqua Delight at the Oncology Nurses Society conference in Boston in April 2011. It was met with doubt, skepticism and even sneers by a few (it’s just snake oil). But, the nurses admitted that metallic taste is a huge problem for their patients. So, they were willing to try Aqua Delight. Our family put together over 600 sample kits and sent them to almost 20% of the attendees. And, the reports began to come back. Their patients loved it! Some loved it so much that it brought tears to their eyes. The nurses were shocked and amazed, it really did work!!!

The Challenges:

But, to get Aqua Delight into the hands of those who need it has been extremely challenging. The battle has continued as we have been presented with challenge after challenge – such as:

  1. Many hospitals won’t allow plastic bottles in their facilities
  2. Many hospitals won’t recommend or use non-subscription products because of potential liability – even though (as one Oncology Director observed) they might eventually be held liable for not using or telling patients about important products like Aqua Delight.
  3. Most doctors don’t know about the severity of metallic taste and the suffering it causes their patients.
  4. Most patients are over 65 years old — they live on social security – so most don’t have the financial ability to purchase Aqua Delight.
  5. The shipping costs are 2/3rds of our total cost – so there is nothing we can do to make Aqua Delight affordable for the vast majority of metallic taste sufferers.
  6. We could not find a direct channel to reach the market.

The Solution:

We “racked” our brains trying to figure out how to bring Aqua Delight to those who need it most. Fortunately, the University of Miami (Florida) Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center had the answer. It was so impressed with Aqua Delight that it decided to give Aqua Delight to its infusion center outpatients. In August 2011, it began giving a couple of bottles (or more) to each patient during each visit. In July 2015, it decided to expand its use to all of its infusion centers. So, the solution is: if patients cannot afford it, but need it, then the hospital or a cancer foundation will supply it. So our goal is to recruit as many hospitals and cancer foundations to join us by blessing their patients or constituents with metallic taste relief so they have the greatest chance for full recovery (and their life is much more “palatable” during the recovery period).