The Aqua Delight feedback has been positive. A couple of people tell me it tastes better than any water they’ve had. You may be on to something. Dr. Hank Kaplan

I tried Aqua Delight with a patient. I must admit that I was skeptical, but the patient told me it tasted great. It really does work. I will share this with future patients. Thanks. Dr. Ken Weizer

Oncology Nurses:

AK – Anchorage. We have sampled your water with our patients and have had very good reviews from our kids who complained of metallic taste and not wanting to drink water. Can you please send more samples?

AZ – Phoenix. We would love to have more samples of your wonderful product for our patients.

FL – Hollywood. I just wanted to let you know I tested your product out with one of my patients. He has been complaining of bad metallic taste. So I gave him some of your water…. He looked at me confused and asked for more… Still confused….. He goes “its gone”! He says this is the first time in a while water tasted normal again! He is on radiation treatment and I think chemo.

GA – Athens. I just had to tell you! We have a gentlemen going through radiation treatments to the parotid. He’s been having a heckuva time with everything tasting too sweet, even water. I gave him one of your Aqua Delight sample bottles. He took a sip, then another, and said, “You know, it actually tastes like WATER!” Woo-HOO!

IA – Davenport. We have only given the water to one patient who is enjoying it immensely. She used up all the bottles! She is on Erbitux and chemo. She loves that it gives her her taste buds back and she has no bitter taste in her mouth. We are going to try it with more patients after this since our patient loves it so much.

MI – Novi. We would love some more samples. Several patients have requested samples of the water. The only negative feedback I have received is the cost, otherwise patients loved Aqua Delight.

KY – Louisville. We recently received one case of Aqua Delight and it was well received by patients in our outpatient clinic. I continue to have patients with taste issues and would like to request some more samples.

NJ – Paramus. I have talked to several patients and received lots of feedback. All have said that the water really helped them and they did not have the metallic taste. Many said they ordered it.

NM – Albuquerque. Our patients are enjoying the water. I believe a few have purchased it. Can we get more samples?

NY – Saratoga Springs. We have given your water to a few patients. Two women receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer really liked it. They would give it a 4-5 rating (5 being best). A patient receiving chemotherapy for multiple myeloma also rated it a 4. Where can they purchase it?

NY – Glen Falls. Ten patients have sampled the water. Their average score for taste was 4.2 (5 being best).

NC – Greenville. I have had great feedback from patients and would appreciate additional samples. Thanks.

PA – Pittsburgh. Thank you so much for the samples! We really had some success with your product with patients undergoing radiation and chemo to head and neck area!

SC – Greenville. I have given the two Aqua Delight samples to patients and they both loved it and ordered it by auto ship.

TN – Cookeville. My patients are loving the water. Can we please get another sample case? Thanks.

TX – Houston. Thanks for the water you shipped me. I did give it to my patients and they all have positive comments on this product. The samples have helped the patients a lot. Godspeed!

Patients (and their loved ones):

Simply, I enjoyed Aqua Delight. It is infinitely more palatable than many (all) commercial and home filtration system water I have tried. After-taste is almost non-existent. Kudos to your Aqua Delight formula!!! I am deeply grateful. Orange County, CA

Thanks for a Great Product – My husband was diagnosed with cancer about a month ago and has now had his second round of super intense chemo today. I ordered some of your water a few weeks ago after his first round of chemo. He was skeptical at first, however, he did admit that Aqua Delight did taste better than tap or other “bottled” water. I ordered another case a few days ago and today I ordered yet another case. He downed a 16 oz bottle after I brought him home from his chemo today in practically one gulp! Hydration is so important. A week after his first round of chemo he ended up in the hospital. I believe your product can totally help chemo patients and hopefully, it will help keep him out of the hospital on this round. Bend, OR

I wanted to let you know about my friend’s aunt. She has been terribly dehydrated because she is not eating or drinking – one of the reasons, as we talked about, was because of the metallic taste – and she has horrible thrush. My friend called today and said that she called him in tears because she was so thankful to have this water. She has been drinking it, she feels better and it tastes good to her! He is just amazed at the difference the Aqua Delight has made. He is so appreciative and obviously wants to immediately purchase some for his aunt. Grand Rapids, MI

This is first thing I have tasted in 9 months that did not taste like metal. It is a good product. Thank you. Carmel, CA

This water tastes good and did not have a metallic taste in the mouth. Drinking and staying hydrated is a challenge and if water doesn’t taste good it’s hard. It’s the worst thing when you wake up in the middle of the night with cotton/dry mouth and so it was great to have water that doesn’t taste metallic. Utah

I loved the water – the taste was wonderful. There is no metallic taste. Washington

I am on chemotherapy and tried a sample of your water. It tasted pure, smooth, refreshing – like spring water. It was delightful. How can I purchase it? Edison, New Jersey

When our 10 year old son was undergoing chemo treatments, it was hard to keep him hydrated because he hated the metallic taste. That is, until we found Aqua Delight. He said Aqua Delight tasted “great”. When he shared it with his roommates on the cancer ward, they also loved it! Now it is the only water we drink! Laguna Beach, California

The water was very good. Keep making it! Utah

My husband has had a hard time staying hydrated. He loved your water. He said it felt like he was hydrating much faster and had more energy. In fact, he had been unable to get out of his chair alone for several weeks and after drinking the water, he was able to get out of his chair alone! Thank you so much! Washington

I loved it! Utah

My mother likes the water! It has no metallic taste. She describes the taste as “pure”. Thanks so much. Shalom. Spring Hill, FL

I wanted to let you know that Aqua Delight is a great help to my husband with the metallic taste as a result of Erbitux and radiation therapy. Our radiologist was unaware of your product and so we’ve let him know about it. Pawley Island, SC

My sister received the 12-pack of water and started drinking it today. She said that it tastes better than any other bottled water that she has tried. No metallic taste at all. We will definitely be ordering more for her while she finishes up her chemotherapy in the next couple of months. We will be recommending Aqua Delight to the patients at the cancer center not just for the get taste but the fantastic customer service. Thank you again for all your help. Kewaskum, WI


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