24-pack of Aqua Delight — see possible less expensive alternative below


24-pack of Aqua Delight — 16.9 ounce bottles

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We have recently discovered a much less expensive way for many to overcome metallic taste. Its distilled water. We don’t yet know how effective it is, but we know that it works for some. You can buy distilled water at your local grocery store for probably 95% less than the cost of Aqua Delight because of our shipping costs (water is very heavy).

Some health professionals believe that distilled water is not good for you because it “leaches” important minerals from your body. But, most do admit that it is a good absorber of toxic chemicals and that a few weeks of drinking it will not hurt you. You should seek the advice of your health professional to determine if distilled water is appropriate for you.

If you or your health professional are concerned about possible side effects of distilled water — or — distilled water does not taste good to you, then Aqua Delight should be a blessing to you. To order Aqua Delight, simply click on the “Add to Cart” button up above or to the right.

Thanks — and we pray for a full and speedy recovery!


24-pack of Aqua Delight — 16.9 ounce bottles
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