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Aqua Delight Product Information Sheet PDF

Aqua Delight: Aqua Delight is a breakthrough palliative product for chemotherapy and radiation patients. It is a purified and re-mineralized water, which is free of metallic taste for most chemotherapy and radiation patients. We are unaware of any product like it on the market.

History: Aqua Delight was officially introduced in April 2011 at the ONS Congress. Interest was excellent with nearly 650 requests for samples. The sampling feedback was “delightful” – cancer patients loved it! We only had one problem – the cost. Most cancer patients are over 65 and living on social security – they could not afford it – and due to shipping costs, we could not reduce the price.

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Ingredients: Aqua Delight is purified water with trace amounts of the following minerals added to enhance its taste: (1) sodium bicarbonate; (2) magnesium sulfate; (3) dipotassium phosphate; and (4) calcium chloride. Nothing else is added.

Manufacturing Process: Aqua Delight is manufactured under a licensed trade secret. The secret involves how Aqua Delight is purified, re-mineralized and further processed.

Purification: Aqua Delight is purified using an extensive purification process including carbon filters, reverse osmosis, steam distillation, UV exposure, and ozone.

Purity: Aqua Delight is a very pure water. Drinking water purity is measured by the milligrams of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) per liter. The maximum TDS allowed by the EPA for drinking water is 500 TDS. Aqua Delight’s TDS is less than 15 TDS.

Testimonials: Video and written testimonials from doctors, nurses and patients (and their loved ones) are available on the Aqua Delight website – see our Testimonials page.

Discovery: Aqua Delight was originally formulated for superior hydration. We serendipitously discovered the oncology potential from an effort to bless some friends. Our friends’ 10-year old son (Cody) was battling brain cancer and undergoing chemotherapy. He was experiencing metallic taste – and, as a result, refused to drink water. His parents were very concerned about dehydration and the adverse effects on chemo. Since Aqua Delight is an excellent hydrator, we suggested they try it. They agreed and the rest is history. After Cody’s first sip, much to everyone’s amazement, he announced “it tastes great”. There wasn’t any metallic taste! In fact, he said it tasted sweet. Later, he asked if he could share the water with his buddies on the cancer ward (CHOC – Children’s Hospital of Orange County, CA). So we shipped them some water and, they loved it too. Much to our delight, a new product was born!

Product sizes: Aqua Delight is available in a 24-pack of 16.9 ounce bottles (case). We can develop a label with your hospital or foundation name and a short note so the user knows who provided the water. Currently, it is available only by full pallet purchases (72 cases).

Pricing: A pallet of Aqua Delight (72 cases) sells for $1,728 ($24.00/case) plus shipping. Shipping typically runs from $200 to $400 per pallet (continental US). Thus, the price is typically from $27 to $30 per case.

To give your patients or constituents the pure, smooth and refreshing experience of Aqua Delight, just call us. Your patients or constituents will be thanking you profusely.