Metallic Taste — a Bad Patient Experience

Actually, the technical medical term for metallic taste is “dysgeusia”, but most patients call it metallic taste, metal mouth, bitter taste, acid taste, etc. It is caused by certain chemotherapy drugs and radiation. Research has found that: (1) over 50% of patients experience it; (2) it can last from one week to 3 months; (3) it is extremely frustrating to patients; and (4) it’s the second most bothersome side effect (second only to hair loss). Please visit our Research page for a list of the offending drugs, more interesting facts and research references.

Four Legs of Recovery

We like to think of cancer recovery as a table with four legs: (1) diagnosis; (2) treatment plan; (3) chemo/radiation/surgery; and (4) nutrition/hydration. Hydration is essential, not only for patient experience, but also for recovery and healing. Without it, the body can experience significant and even life threatening damage — particularly from chemotherapy treatment as the body must flush out the drug or the drug will attack the kidney and liver. Until we discovered Aqua Delight, the hydration component was tough for those suffering from metallic taste — many had to be admitted to the hospital for IV rehydration. Fortunately, with Aqua Delight, that can now be avoided.

Breakthrough in Metallic Taste Relief!

Yes, there really is a water that is free of metallic taste for most cancer patients. We know it is hard to believe, but Aqua Delight has been in the marketplace for over 5 years – and its success rate is impressive. Our greatest joy is hearing metallic taste sufferers share with tears what a blessing Aqua Delight has been to them.

Impressive Success Rate!

Based upon feedback from our customers, oncology nurses in sampling cancer centers and our money back guarantee requests, our best estimate is that Aqua Delight tastes delightful for at least 95% of all cancer patients who are suffering from metallic taste. Now, that’s impressive! To read and watch our video testimonials, visit our Testimonials page.

Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

The University of Miami (Florida) Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center has paved the way by providing Aqua Delight to it infusion center outpatients for over 4 years. Its staff has been so impressed that they recently decided to expand its use to all of its infusion centers. By providing Aqua Delight to its patients, it has become a leader of patient experience for cancer patients.

Be a Leader!

How about you? Would you like to be a leader in patient experience? You can — by joining Sylvester CCC (and hopefully many other hospitals and cancer foundations across the country) and providing metallic relief for your patients or constituents. We have found that most patients would love to stay hydrated with Aqua Delight, but simply cannot afford it (most are over 65 years old and are living on social security). That’s why Sylvester CCC gives Aqua Delight to their outpatients (without charge). How about spreading the joy and completing the recovery process by providing metallic taste relief to your patients or constituents!

Join the Cause!

If your nurses or other sources have not already verified our claims and you want absolute proof of Aqua Delight’s metallic free taste, call us and we will ship you a free 12-pack so your patients or constituents can begin enjoying relief from their metallic taste. Then, when you are ready to be a Leader in patient experience, call us to join the Cause! We will get Aqua Delight to you as soon as possible.

Bless your patients or constituents with the pure, clean and refreshing taste of Aqua Delight!